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Mission accomplished, dearlings!~ One seed of doubt and mistrust planted in fertile ground. Seed~lings, grow and bloom! And the psychological trauma from the mission is...


Magician! Puppet Master! The priest wanted to hug me! Imagine this cute, little and fragile woman lost in the arms of that brute! Dis~gus~ting~! I need my salts and my older brothers to chase away that THOUGHT!

Little brother! I'm baaaaaaack. Where are you? Your sister needs a hug from YOU as therapy! Helga used to say it works wonders.


I warned him to not come closer!! He didn't listen when all I asked was to be left alone. H-He was going to destroy the Chapel like those vampires in István, Your Eminence!

Wh-What is...this light?


((OOC: So. "Esther" shot Ion near the Chapel, then went to her "home" to post this and "vanished" back into her world. Aka Plan ends. Chelle, Rizu, assume Lilith sent a message to Asta/Mirka after finding the wounded Ion, saving him on time. *going to bed*)).


I... will like to request to be allowed moving in the Cathedral with the Sisters of the Vatican. I'm sorry, Dietrich, but I have taken a choice already.

That uncute oaf. May he don't ruin my perfect, perfect mask! Father is here? Really? That vampire keeps bothering me.

Private to Her Eminence/Secretly visible to RCOCollapse )

((OOC: Moar explanations here. 'Tis be a plot that ends today. Iooooon go ahead and stalk visit her some moar so you can get heartbroken shot :D. She'll post in the network about how she was "attacked" by a vampire and, in the morning, Yumie/Heinkel can find her room empty as if she was gone from the City. Woo for Methuselah haste)).


Private to Her Eminence//ONLY this message is visible to Empire// Visible to the RCOCollapse )

Private RCO//Sans CaterinaCollapse )

((OOC: We shall pretend this is innocent_ly's account. Because Dietrich's uber ;; Ion comment log if you want. Pretend this was posted little after midnight)).

It's terrible! Te~rri~ble~ Stay away from me! Look at that hair and that skin Why are you wearing that uncute rag this?!!

((OOC: You know the rule, Kasper, Clara and Angelina have different journal names courtesy of Dietrich. Order people filter automatically filtered. Natalie, if you want to comment log with Samara, feel free. May be slow commenting ;) Strikeouts are thoughts))

♡ 008

Kukukukuku~ What is this? What is this strange new way of Lost Technology? And the walls of the building. Dis~gus~ting~ It smells like a graveyard! Did someone die in here or no one bothers to clean anymore? Housekeeping! Housekeeping!


I don't know what it means, but it's so, so cute!

There are kitties drawings on this uncomfortable couch made of stone. Igitt! The smell is worse on here~

((OOC: This journal/papyrus is obviously different from "Clara" and "Angelina." Comment log for Teh Zombie aka Radu. Kasper in the enouch/hm tomb keeper who is sitting on Radu's bed/the uncomfortable couch. Hell, he even looks the part usually. That text means: "The crocodile eats the king/pharaoh". OOOPS)).

♡ 007 [Orden filter]

Terrible!! Terrible news!! Ohhh, Mein Herr, Panzermagier, this is too terrible for words, but I'm... I'm alone. A young girl of my age lost in this cosmopolitan city that is now taken over by invaders from the outer space!!

Helga dearling heart is gone. One second she was helping me to pick a dress and the other ~poof~ like that. My heart still hurts to the thought of loneliness.

In absence of the insight and wise lipgloss advices of Eis Hexe, I came to whom is second only after her in this art, Marionettenspieler. So I told him my needs and case and came up with the most wonderful proposition:

Listen, listen, dearlings~

"Hmmm? Are you so alone? Perhaps Flammenschwert can keep you company. Some training of how an Adeptus Major must behave under your supervision should help him greatly."

Danke!! Danke, danke, danke!

Willkommen in meinem Reich, Baron, wir werden viel, viel Spaß zusammen haben!!!!~

~Tschüssi, loves!

P.S. Don't forget the nail polish, Sir Noble of the Empire! Ohohohoh!~ We'll have such fun together.
[Not a word, not even a sigh at her direction from her beloved, older brothers! After many threats, warnings, fits, Kaspar von Neumann was tired of waiting and decided to take action into her delicate hands. Just because she had always been the youngest, sheltered sister and, all suddenly, they neglected her. After too much fussing over clothes and faces, Kaspar decided that "Clara" wouldn't fit to get a job. She had troubled abroad and met plenty nobles in her years in Ostmark Court, thus decided for a Hispanic Kingdom "look" to suit her needs.

So Angelina Lanzol was born.

The darkness was no trouble for her Methuselah sight, but the filth sticking on the end of the expensive nightdress and the uncute sights she was exposed as she walked to the nearest public establishment was overwhelming her "refined" senses. She wanted to hunt, the Aqua Vitae was too fancy, too Balthasar-civilized means of feeding. Kaspar liked to take it fresh from the source - a young, beautiful one she could after steal face and name. Fanning herself dramatically, Kaspar read the sign "The Raven."]


How gloomy! Like a witch's omen.

Would this be a suitable place to employ this poor, noblewoman in need?

♡ 005 [von Neumman-Helga filter]

Dis~gus~ting~ I hope this City is happy after breaking a girl's heart yesterday!! Make a fine lady of society to believe herself a man trapped in a young Terran girl's shape. Ohh~ I need my salts! My salts and pelts to make me feel a real woman again after that episode!!

I must simply forget this episode ever happened, like now. Before my cute little face gets wrinkles... But everyone has been so mean that didn't bother to come to your schwesterlein's aid in the time of most need! My brothers ignoring me for this long, I have waited and waited without any point in answer my entries. You don't love me! Do you think I'm the shame of the von Neumann's family to shun me from contact? If mother would see you now!



The seizures again... Must remain in control. Tears won't be becoming to this cute, young face. They'll make your eyes red and uncute, Kaspar... Kukukuku... My brothers are playing hide and seek. They hide. I'll hunt them down. Just like when we were children.

Helga, Helga, dearling, help your Auntie... take her somewhere lavish without sister habits or clergy at sight. I'm famished for beauty and blood! We deserve a girls' night out after the neglectment~

Oooor.... Oh! Oh! I know what! Could we visit Her Eminence? I was looking forward to meet her in person for so long! Have you seen that face? Those curls? Ohhh, it's a dream come truth!

♡ 004

Help!! Help!!

I'm trapped in a young girl's body!

((OOC: Amnesiac Kaspar who is a Terran female nun now... who wants to be/has to be male ._.)).